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Apartments and Room Rentals Riverside CA Payment Options

Maintaining an active subscription for your apartment listing, even after it has been rented out, holds immense strategic value in the world of marketing. Continual presence in the market not only reinforces the recognition of your brand but also imprints a lasting impression on potential renters.

People might not be looking for an apartment immediately, but having seen your listing regularly ensures your property is top-of-mind when the need arises. Moreover, individuals often share recommendations with friends and family.

By keeping your listing active, you increase the likelihood of being the first name they remember and recommend. Think of it as an investment in building lasting brand awareness and fostering organic word-of-mouth promotion.

Ensure your property gets the attention it deserves.
Choose the package that suits your needs.

Stand out in Riverside’s rental market with Apartments in Riverside CA!

Please read our Terms of Service FAQ here  before ordering, as we DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS once an order has been placed.

Apartments in Riverside CA: Payment Options

Apartment Listings

1. Premium Directory Listing:


button Apartments one time payment

One-Time 30-Day Listing: Showcase your apartment on our platform for a full month, ensuring you attract potential renters. Price: $45.



button Apartments Recurring Monthly

  • Recurring Monthly Listing: Keep your apartment listing active and prominent month after month.
  • The listing remains live until you choose to cancel. (minimum 3 months) Price: $45/month



button Apartments News Network Promotion Package

Comprehensive News Network Promotion Package:

Recurring Monthly Promotion: Boost your apartment’s visibility with a feature in our exclusive “Canyon Crest Guide Newspaper“, a dedicated spot on our newspaper website, a spotlight on our Google News portal, and tailored promotions on our Facebook pages and other website directories we own. Maintain consistent and high visibility for your property with our holistic promotional strategy that remains active until you decide to cancel. Promotional Price: $200 reg. $400 per month for 3 months ( 6/month and 12 / month available to lock in your discount price.

Rooms for Rent Payment Options

1. Premium Directory Listing:

One-Time 30-Day Listing: List your room for rent for 30 days, reaching a vast audience actively searching for rental spaces in Riverside. Price: $10.
button room for rent one time payment

Recurring Monthly Listing: Keep your room listing active and in front of potential renters with our monthly option. The listing remains up until you cancel. Price: $10/month (minimum 3 months)
button room for rent Recurring Monthly

2. Comprehensive News Network Promotion Package:

One-Time 30-Day Promotion: Take advantage of our inclusive promotion package to spotlight your room for rent. Get featured in the “Canyon Crest Guide Newspaper”, on our newspaper website, Google News portal, and social media channels for a full month. Price: $100.
room for rent News Network Promotion Package

  • Recurring Monthly Promotion: Keep your room consistently visible with our extended promotional package that remains active until you decide to cancel. Price: $100/month. (minimum 3 months)
    button room for rent Recurring Monthly

By placing your order you are agreeing to our Terms of Service FAQ here.

Email us at for questions or if you want a 6 month or 12 month subscription to lock in your discount price.

Please note: prices are subject to change without notice, and we do not offer refunds once an order has been placed, see our Terms of Service FAQ here.

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Have questions or specific needs regarding apartment living or rentals in Riverside, CA? Please reach out. Our dedicated team eagerly awaits, prepared to provide personalized solutions that perfectly match your living aspirations. We're committed to simplifying and elevating your apartment search in Riverside's most sought-after locales.
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